Dori's Cake World - Webdesign Case Study Adobe XD
May 2022
My childhood friend Dori Bartus is a well-known Hungarian cake designer who is running a blog and webshop as well. As she is strying to expand her business, she wanted to have some ideas for her new websites. 
This website plan is aiming to reach users who love baking and decorating cakes and want to get ideas and tips from a professional. 
As my role was only for creating a design for a new website I only wanted to run a survey among the Hungarian clients to know what they think about the existing website. I could collect more than 65 respondents and based on the results I created the pain points of the users. I wanted to use their experience to build the website and improve the issues which might come up with the current one. I wanted to give recommendations to Dori to make some changes on her current design as well.
I created a hierarchical website structure because this fits the most to what we want to achieve. More structure, organization and a simple website for the users.

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